Mystical Mahalakshmi Morning Mantra

Suprabhatam means Good Morning. This Mantra increases our personal energy and ensures that the whole

day is perfect. It is like saying Getting up on the right side of the bed. Good luck follows you all day long with
divine energies guiding and protecting you.


Kubera Lakshmi Mantra- Attract Money into Life

Most Powerful Mantra to Attract Money, Wealth and Prosperity

This is one of the Ancient Mantras of India to Attract Money and Prosperity.


Power of Mantra Vibrations

Powerful Mantrasby Suresh Padmanabhan

Mantras are India’s greatest gift to the world. The word “mantra” is derived from two Sanskrit words. “Man” means mind, “tra” means protect or freedom.
It literally means free the confused mind and allow the mind to become peaceful within.
Mantras have been created by the Gurus and Masters of India since thousands of years. They are discovered in a deep
meditative state and directly from the Universal Vibrations.

They are sound vibrations using a fusion Fusion of Ragas, vocals, and music to achieve a particular result.Mantras are energy based sounds and they produce magical results. The person listening to the Mantra reaches the same state as the sound vibration of the Mantra. This vibration attracts similar vibrations from the Universe.

India has many Mantras. There are Mantras for Money, Relationships,Health and Prosperity, to get married, to have children, and to discover higher spiritual powers within.


Laugh your way to Enlightenment

Laugh your way to Enlightenment / Moksha / Nirvana

The laughing Buddha or Hotel was a great zen master and legend has a great story which is so inspirational for all of us. The jolly good saint that he was used to go from one place to the other. He went to the Town Square and soon people gathered around him. He was so funny looking and always smiling that people used to crowd around him. He would then distribute sweets and small toys to all children who had gathered around him. Then keep his bag down, look to the sky and just start laughing. He used to laugh madly and he was not interested whether others laughed or not. Soon his laughter used to be contagious and all who had gathered would start to laugh. The whole town used to laugh and laugh. After sometime he would pick the bag, which he had kept down, smile to all, and go to the next town. All his life he did only this action and it was said that many people attained Nirvana, enlightenment just through this process. Hence he was called as the laughing Buddha because Buddha is someone who is enlightened and laughter was his unique method. Never before him or never after him such a simple aspect was used to achieve what all humans strive for Moksha or enlightenment.

He is called as the Laughing Buddha. Now let us understand the significance of his name. Buddha is anyone who is enlightened, merged with Oneness with existence or one who has attained Nirvana. And the beauty of his method was Laughter. The most precious amp; ultimate purpose of this very life is Nirvana or Moksha, and what better way to achieve than through Laughter. I think no one in this whole of humanity has ever discovered a more simpler path than the Laughing Buddha.

So just laugh your way to Enlightenment. Now you would wonder how only through Laughter one can achieve the biggest spiritual purpose of life. Read in the next blog the power of laughter

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