Handling Money- Learning from the Titanic (Part 2)

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Handling Money- Learning from the Titanic by Suresh Padmanabhan (Part 2)

Late on the night of April 14, 1912, the Titanic, considered as one of the strongest ships every built sank in a horribly tragic way. A total of 1,523 lives were lost when the Titanic ship sank like a pack of cards, beneath the ice cold waters of the Atlantic.

When the Titanic was sinking there was a scramble for the lifeboats which were in shortage. In each person’s mind there was only one thought- to escape to safety no matter what.

When economies and countries collapse the same happens. Each and everyone want to jump off. The high, the mighty and the men in power will be the first to escape. They will be hurt the least because they have money and power. But what about the poor individual?

It is prudent to protect your own Money Interest. Always have a back- up plan of what will happen to you or your family, if the worst happens.

When financial mess happens, there will be theories doled out by one and all. There will be a million post-mortems and what not. Figures of inflation, deficits, and/ or unemployment statistics will be thrown around. But all that simply does not matter when your child needs her next glass of milk? You have to make provisions for it, you can’t tell the child statistics.

At times the battles of money are fought alone, very alone.

Start focussing on creating Reserves-the bigger the reserve the better. Move from consumption to savings. These are behaviours that will help you and your family if the worst happens. Look at the United States, while immigrants from India have learnt to save money and create assets, many American citizens did not take those actions. If the worst happens, who will be more hit?

The game of money has to be played skilfully or whole families unfortunately will sink like Titanic.

As the Titanic sank, only 705 persons survived out of 2228 people onboard. 1523 people lost their live on that tragic day.

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