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I Love Money- Money Speaks Truths by Suresh Padmanabhan

Essence from the book ” I Love Money” by Suresh Padmanabhan, an international bestseller.

Day in and Day out you come in touch with me, but you still miss me totally. You love me, you hate me, you are depressed when I do not come to you, you feel happy when I do, there are a million emotions you experience through me, yet you criticize me, condemn me, call me evil and all kind of bad names. You treat me like a enemy but you still want me, you want to possess me… I do not Understand this human behaviour.

Personalities keep coming and going while I’m perhaps a constant factor in this constantly changing world. Think about it, would you even want me to non-existent? Yes, my forms may change but my essence will not. I would like to clarify some misconceptions about myself — home truths, which ought to be known, recognized, understood and applied.There are lots of things unsaid, secrets unspoken, mysteries still waiting to be discovered. Your own consciousness will keep discovering more and more secrets in due course. It is the stark truth of life seen from a powerful perspective. And what is the expected outcome of reading and getting involved? Personally, you will feel awakened as though from a deep slumber. The steps that you will take henceforth, in the money world will be full of awareness and confidence.

At one point, I discovered that there was more to me than you knew about. Though I have been in your life for a long time, you hardly know me. Even if you think you know me, you know misconstrued by the beliefs floating around about me. Take another look at me and you will realize the potential and power of truth. For a long time I have been silent; I won’t be any longer. “The truth shall prevail — Know the truth, speak the truth, share the truth and the truth shall set you free.” Your friend always,


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Suresh Padmanabhan

Suresh Padmanabhan is an author, a public speaker, a columnist, and the creator of Money Workshop. He is also the creator of amazing workshops like Sankalpa Siddhi, Ancient Secrets of Life and Veda of Life His book I Love Money has been translated into 11 Indian and foreign languages and is an international best seller. His recent inspirational fiction “On Cloud 9" is creating waves all over. He has toured across various parts of the world conducting Money Workshops since the last 12 years. He has spoken to more than a million people worldwide and also to various corporate on varied topics connected with self-growth, money, wealth creation, spirituality, and stock markets. All his workshops and books are in-depth and of full intensity for applying on a day-to-day basis. He loves the wisdom of Ancient India—the rich lineage of Rishi’s, Guru’s, and Masters; feels the completeness in their teachings; and believes that India has timeless wisdom to share to the world. All his works will reflect this philosophy. He is proud to be an Indian and wants the world to recognize the rich heritage of India. His aim is to have impact on millions of people worldwide and raise their level of consciousness in all areas, especially pertaining to Money, Life, and Spirituality.

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