I Love Money- The Perplexing and Baffling World of Money

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I Love Money- The Perplexing and Baffling World of Money by Suresh Padmanabhan

The biggest Money Rule, all who have Money make the rules.
— Suresh Padmanabhan

Some of the costliest paintings running into millions of dollars were created by the master artist Vincent van Gogh. You will be surprised to know that the this person lived and died in austerity?

There are innumerable such stories of people who have worked hard all through their lives. They stack away millions of dollars or rupees and lead a miserly life never spending money even on themselves. Then, before they know it, they’re too old and sick to enjoy that wealth. They make all their millions and one fine day they give it all to charity. There are others who resort to crime and fraud to make fast money. They succumb to the lure of money and do not mind taking an unfair route to make money. They steal, cheat, even
kill near and dear ones for the sake of money. There is a gap between the rich and the poor who can barely afford to make two ends meet. While the rich take even their pets to beauty parlours and buy them designer collars, millions die hungry and homeless on the streets.

There are a few who make millions in a single day, while there are millions who make only few rupees each day. There are many who with their entire wealth still feel insecure and there are those who even with less money feel like emperors. There are many who don’t get sleep even on the most expensive quilt beds and others who sleep like logs on the hardest of benches and rocks. There are rags-to-riches stories which inspire us and there are also riches to rags stories which startle and perplex us. The world is a strange place to live, with all its contrasts. We live in a degree world where the range is from one end to the other extreme. Whatever you thought or could not even think will exist somewhere on this planet. There is no end to worries but we must learn to let go of certain problems and tensions if we are to live our life in happiness. As they say, Money is a good slave but a bad master. This means that you must learn to make money work for you rather than allow it to rule your life and thoughts. Therefore, it is best that you are only bothered with yourself and are choosy with what you want to connect in the world of Money. Start paying attention to Money for Money to grow in your life.  God Bless

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Suresh Padmanabhan

Suresh Padmanabhan is an author, a public speaker, a columnist, and the creator of Money Workshop. He is also the creator of amazing workshops like Sankalpa Siddhi, Ancient Secrets of Life and Veda of Life His book I Love Money has been translated into 11 Indian and foreign languages and is an international best seller. His recent inspirational fiction “On Cloud 9" is creating waves all over. He has toured across various parts of the world conducting Money Workshops since the last 12 years. He has spoken to more than a million people worldwide and also to various corporate on varied topics connected with self-growth, money, wealth creation, spirituality, and stock markets. All his workshops and books are in-depth and of full intensity for applying on a day-to-day basis. He loves the wisdom of Ancient India—the rich lineage of Rishi’s, Guru’s, and Masters; feels the completeness in their teachings; and believes that India has timeless wisdom to share to the world. All his works will reflect this philosophy. He is proud to be an Indian and wants the world to recognize the rich heritage of India. His aim is to have impact on millions of people worldwide and raise their level of consciousness in all areas, especially pertaining to Money, Life, and Spirituality.

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