On Cloud 9- Are Woman the Weaker Sex? Part 2

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On Cloud 9- Are Woman the Weaker Sex? Part 2 by Suresh Padmanabhan

celebrate with complete woman withinOne day God decided to descend to Earth and check out on the bird kingdom. She wanted to decide on a prize winner and that bird would be crowned as the King or Queen of the Bird Kingdom. It was the grandest honour and all the birds started gathering at the appointed time and place. They were all eagerly waiting for Her to arrive and for the competition to begin. The birds started discussing the competition with their fellow birds.

There was a jet black crow that was also part of this crowd. The crow looked around, and started feeling very awkward and depressed. The reason was that every other bird looked so beautiful. The peacock had the most colourful feathers. The dove had such a pure, divine appearance. The parrot had such bright green feathers. And there were birds that had
come all the way from Africa and South America and they were the most exotic of the lot. Even the crow was seeing them for the first time.
The disheartened crow thought, “Why did God make me so ugly.”

The crow actually wanted to run away from the competition. As the crow was planning to fly out of that place, it suddenly had a great idea. It went to the peacock and borrowed two colourful feathers, it went to the dove and requested for some white feathers, it went to the parrot and cajoled it to give him three green feathers, then it went to the African birds and requested for some of their colourful feathers. All the birds happily obliged. The crow now became very happy. It started sticking all the feathers that it had borrowed on its body.

God finally arrived and now started inspecting all Her creations. She looked at each bird and finally came upon the crow, who was now
standing very cutely in the line with the most amazing plumage.
She stopped on seeing the crow and was confused, “Who is this funny-looking bird?” She scanned Her memory and realized that She had never created this bird in the first place. She could recognize every other bird except the crow. Anyway, She moved on to inspect the other birds.

After the inspection, She took the dais to announce the winner. All the birds were eagerly waiting with baited breath. She spoke, “It is impossible to judge any winner. I have created each one of you in my own image. All of you are so perfect and beautiful. All of you are winners. But for the first time there is a loser. There is one bird that I just cannot recognize.” She then pointed at the crow and said, “I do not recognize that funny-looking bird. I never created it.”

On hearing this, the crow became very sad, teardrops started falling down from its eyes. “Why did I try to be someone else?” thought the crow to itself. It plucked all the borrowed feathers and flung them away. It now started to discover its own beauty. It realized its own essence. She noticed this and said, “Now there are only winners. All of you including the pretty crow whom I now recognize.” All the birds danced and celebrated together.

I hope you all will treasure the moral of this story. Each one is so perfect in the higher divine order. Celebrate your womanhood.
Celebrate this gift of you being chosen to be a woman. Develop and enhance this potential. Out in the wild, the rose and the lily dance
daily together exploring their own potential.

The above was an excerpt from the book “On Cloud 9″ By Suresh Padmanabhan and Shan Chavan. Here is the link

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