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On Cloud 9- Are Woman the Weaker Sex? Part 2

On Cloud 9- Are Woman the Weaker Sex? Part 2 by Suresh Padmanabhan

celebrate with complete woman withinOne day God decided to descend to Earth and check out on the bird kingdom. She wanted to decide on a prize winner and that bird would be crowned as the King or Queen of the Bird Kingdom. It was the grandest honour and all the birds started gathering at the appointed time and place. They were all eagerly waiting for Her to arrive and for the competition to begin. The birds started discussing the competition with their fellow birds.

There was a jet black crow that was also part of this crowd. The crow looked around, and started feeling very awkward and depressed. The reason was that every other bird looked so beautiful. The peacock had the most colourful feathers. The dove had such a pure, divine appearance. The parrot had such bright green feathers. And there were birds that had
come all the way from Africa and South America and they were the most exotic of the lot. Even the crow was seeing them for the first time.