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I Love Money- Beyond Money

I Love Money- Beyond Money by suresh Padmanabhan


Mr. Johny Rich goes to the beach with his wife. On the way he stops to pick some snacks, upon his return he is shocked to see his wife being pulled out of the water. People around are trying to revive the unconscious lady. He asks what they are doing, to which they reply “We are giving artificial respiration.”
Johny Rich screams: “Artificial! “Hell,” give her the real thing. I will pay for it!”


I Love Money-Can You Buy the Starry Night?

 I Love Money-Can You Buy the Starry Night? by Suresh Padmanabhan

Excerpt from the international bestseller I Love Money by Suresh Padmanabhan

Without Money life will be like a flower without fragrance, a sun without rays, a bird without wings, the earth without atmosphere, and a human being without blood.
— Suresh Padmanabhan
Have you ever seen the night sky closely? A spectacular carpet of stars besides a singular moon glitters throughout the night to give way to the rising Sun at dawn. Our Earth is also one of God’s most wonderful and beautiful creations. Gushing waterfalls, towering mountains, dense forests and the rich and colourful flora and fauna make for a truly fantastic picture. It is as though the entire cosmos has put up a ‘sound and light’ spectacle and a live orchestra just for us free of cost.