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Remove Money Stress and Anxiety

This is one of the best ways to remove Money Stress and Anxiety from your life. Please do not go by the simplicity of this method. This will work always. And most important it builds a lasting happy feeling within you. People with lot of logic in life hence loose out. Their eyes are not able to see the simplicity of solutions. Drop your seriousness of Money and Do it on a regular basis to become a better human being for yourself.

Pull a currency note out of your wallet and take a good look at it. Caress it with love, care, totality and alertness. You can actually see the story of your own life unfold before your eyes. You could actually kiss it too. Every currency note or coin tells the fascinating story about you. Every area of our life from relationships to health is deeply entwined with “Money.” Sadly however, nothing is more misunderstood, mysterious and complex as money. This vital subject is completely neglected all through our years of schooling.

If the money area gets affected then every area of our lives gets affected. Money is a very special mirror that can show us the reality and truth of our lives, exactly as it is. And if needed, you can use it to tidy yourself up.

Discover the lost inner child within and develop a playful attitude towards Money. Let go of the false concepts of Money, which suck your energy and vitality. Re-look at money without labeling it as tainted, corrupt, bad, or impure. Look with purity, awe and wonder. Only then Money will transform and flower into something so pure and divine. And as Money flowers and blooms so will your life. Each time you touch Money or Plastic Cards do it with Reverence. Realize it is part of life and why fight it.

Realize that The Game of Money is within. Develop a Friendly Relationship with Money each day for the rest of your life.

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