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On Cloud 9- Feel Proud you are a Woman

On Cloud 9- Feel Proud you are a Woman by Suresh Padmanabhan 

celebrate the complete woman within

The great question that has never been answered and which I have not yet been able to answer is “What does a woman want?”—Sigmund Freud
God was working very late on a Friday. An angel came to Her and asked, “Oh! You are still working on that same model since such a long time. Why such special treatment? You created the last model in just a few days.”

She said, “This one is my masterpiece, hence it is taking time.” “What is this form going to be called?” She smiled and said, “Woman.”

“I have taken a lot of time to create her soul and her heart, in which I have poured in the essence of life.”

The angel touched the woman and asked, “She looks soft and fragile. Isn’t she weak?”
She laughed and said, “Do you think a flower is weak in comparison to a rock?”

“No, the flower has its own strength and grandeur. The rock is stronger than the flower only in terms of its crushing abilities. The
flower is strong in its own delicate beauty.”


On Cloud 9- Who am I? Where am I going?

On Cloud 9- Who am I? Where am I going? by Suresh Padmanabhan

celebrate the complete woman within  There is a wonderful dialogue in the masterpiece book Alice in Wonderland which goes on like this:

“Who are YOU?” said the Caterpillar.

This was not an encouraging opening for a conversation. Alice replied, rather shyly, “I…I hardly know, sir, just at present…at least I know who I WAS when I got up this morning, but I think I must have changed several times since then.”



On Cloud 9 – Celebrate with complete woman within

On Cloud 9 – Celebrate with complete woman within by Suresh Padmanabhan and Shan Chavan

Whoever cannot find a temple in his heart, the same can never find his heart in any temple. —The Book of Mirdad, Mikhail Naimy
“On cloud 9” means to be in a state of elated bliss and ecstasy. Women by nature are like that, flying like a butterfly in the land of paradise. Given a choice, they would like to be a permanent resident in the land of fantasy. They are pulled down to the Earth to face some hard realities of life. It is like crash landing on a bed of thorns. No one likes it. At times, the existence pushes one to the wall and it is during these times, storms brew in the mind. One is pushed and pulled by the vagaries of life. And the best solution is to know “who you are”.